Children sponsorship program

Children Sponsorship Program

Since 1998 Liliane Foundation started sponsoring children with different disability after the rehabilitation and education assessment were carried out by the professionals and are referred to either especial school or regular schools to get their education with other children. To date more that 150 children benefit from these sponsorship.


To promote education to children with disabilities.


Children with disability in most cases are seen like they have no abilities which are not true. After the rehabilitation, some children improve on ADL’S, cognitive, language, social and gross motor skills and therefore prove to be able to learn like any other child.

The education assessment is done by a team of professionals from the education assessment and resource centre for school placement (EARC). Those who are fit to be in school are referred. One of the major challenges faced by the parents was on how to meet for the requirements. Few children who were referred to special and regulation schools are sponsored by liliane foundations