Outreach Epileptic Clinic

Outreach Epileptic Clinic

The major problem that faces the person with epilepsy is an emotional one that brings ideas which are confused by ignorance and ancient superstitions. In nearly all society epilepsy is taken to be something bad and fired. It is often not understood and therefore it rarely discussed and therefore if a person with epilepsy is to help to lead a normal life everyone in the family must take a realistic attitude toward the problem.


For the last 10 years, NFSS in conjunction with Africa Neurological Disease Research Foundation (ANDREF) started providing epileptic drugs to both children and adults and currently over 150 patients benefit from the outreach clinics based at Kibera and Waithaka.

What Causes Epilepsy?

Lack of oxygen due to prolonged or difficult breath, head injury, diseases, brain tumor, inherited or degenerative central nervous system disorders or stroke.


Currently over 500 patients receive drugs from outreach clinics organized at Kibera and Waithaka clinic run by a volunteer doctor from Nairobi Hospital  under Mrs. Ruberti.  For most epileptic patients, seizures can be controlled by taking medication every day.